Implementing Your DSO Meal To-Go Accommodations

Housing, Residence Life and Dining Services have implemented a Dining Service "To Go" meal program to help students obtain meals from the dining hall when weather conditions (ice and snow) make it unsafe to venture out into the elements, or you experience other symptoms of your disability that impede your ability to eat your meals in the dining hall.

If you are unable to go to the dining hall yourself, identify a volunteer (friend, roommate, hall mate) who is willing and able to go to South Dining Hall on your behalf. You do not need to use the same student volunteer each time you need a DSO Meal To-Go. If you are unable to find a volunteer, please go to the front desk of your Residence Hall and ask for assistance in locating a volunteer.

If a volunteer is getting a meal for you, give the volunteer your student ID, which has a DSO Meal To-Go indicator on the reverse side.

The volunteer should show the ID to the cashier when entering South Dining Hall and should inform the cashier that you are picking up a meal to go. The staff will provide a to-go container for the volunteer to fill. If you do not have a meal plan, but need a meal during a weather event, you will need to have Bear Bucks funds loaded onto your student ID card, or you can pay cash to cover the cost of the meal.

Please contact your Residence Hall front desk if you have any difficulties securing meals during inclement weather.