Sample Accommodation Letter

Sent: August 27, 20XX
Subject: Accommodation Letter-ENG 010-101

Dear Dr. Avalanche,
Jordan Goldenbear (002XXXXXX) a student in SPT-160-010 Intro to Sport Management has requested that you receive this accommodation letter. Please retain a copy for your records.
Jordan is registered with the Disability Services Office. The following accommodations have been approved:

  • Provide extended time on all tests and quizzes including online assessments and any other in-class timed assignments at 50%
  • Allow use of a computer, tablet, or braille notes in class for note taking
  • Needs preferential seating

Additional Information:
Jordan would like you to know that he has ADHD and can be easily distracted.

Reasonable accommodations help to compensate for a disability and ensure equal access to the classroom, course, lecture, instructional materials, as well as an equal opportunity for students to demonstrate their mastery of the course content.
This student should reach out to you to discuss these accommodations. Please take some time to review the approved accommodations with the student and discuss how you will provide these accommodations in your class. Be sure to specify any parameters of accommodations that request “reasonable flexibility”. For guidance on providing flexibility with attendance go to If note taking is an approved accommodation and your assistance is needed to acquire a note taker, the DSO will contact you via email.
Feel free to contact our office at if you have any questions about this student’s accommodations or need assistance with how to implement them in your class.

Disability Services Office
215 Stratton Administration Center