First Year Experience

The First Year Experience (FYE) program at KU is dedicated to supporting first-year students through the early stages of their college and academic journey. Our goal is to establish a supportive and welcoming educational setting through close collaboration with First-Year Seminar faculty as well as by engaging students through individual meetings and workshops. 

Coordinator for Student Success & First Year Experience- Alyssa Oakley LSW, MSW

  • Contact Information

    Alyssa Oakley LSW, MSW

    Coordinator for Student Success & First Year Experience

    Phone: 610-683-4771


    Rohrbach Library 11

    Current Students should make appointments through Starfish here

  • What is FYE?

    First-Year Experience (FYE) encompasses far more than merely a student's academic endeavors during their initial year at KU. It encompasses their transition from high school to college, the process of organization, engagement in campus activities, and more. It is the entirety of their introduction to college life.

  • What is the purpose of FYE?
    • To help students transition successfully from high school or other backgrounds to college life.
    • To support students in developing the necessary skills and strategies for academic success, such as effective study habits, time management, and critical thinking.
    • To facilitate personal growth and development by fostering self-awareness, resilience, and independence.
    • To promote a sense of belonging and community among first-year students, helping them build relationships with peers, faculty, and staff.
    • To encourage students to explore various academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular opportunities available to them, such as research, internships, and campus involvement.
    • To enhance retention rates and increase the likelihood of graduation by providing support and resources tailored to the unique needs of first-year students.
    • To promote cultural competency and inclusivity by exposing students to diverse perspectives and experiences.
  • What are FYE Guides?

    The First-Year Experience (FYE) Guide works closely with FYS faculty to support and encourage first year student success in the First-Year Seminar (FYSM) course. They help first-year students explore components in relation to adjusting to college life, campus opportunities, campus resources, and career exploration. Outside of the classroom, FYE Guides expose students to campus involvement, resources, and work experience. Overall, FYE Guides serve as energetic and enthusiastic role models to assist in the success of first-year students at Kutztown University.

  • Tips for your First Year at KU
    • Be an active learner: Go to class, listen to the professor, take notes and participate in class. Actively use and check MyKU, Starfish, student email and D2L account.
    • Read the syllabus and pay attention to due dates. Use your time wisely. Don't procrastinate! Complete and submit your assignments and other graded materials on time.
    • Stay connected to your family and friends. They can provide you with much needed support.
    • Seek out campus resources. KU offers many services for students and you are paying for them. Take advantage of these services. Visit Tutoring Services, the Library, Writing Center, Career Development Center, Disability Services, Student Success Center, and others.
    • Maintain your physical and mental health. Get enough sleep, eat healthy, be active and visit Counseling Services when needed.
    • Connect with peers and make friends. Consider making a study group with your classmates.
    • Join a club. Get involved in extracurricular activities.
    • Take advantage of your professors'/advisor's office hours. They are there for you. Stay in touch with them. Communicate your questions/concerns with them. Visit them, email them, and ask questions.
    • Be positive! Attitude is everything!
  • Who is the Coordinator for First Year Experience?

    Alyssa Oakley is a licensed Social Worker and is a two-time KU alumna. She received her undergraduate degree from KU in 2021 in Criminal Justice. Alyssa was a student-athlete in her undergraduate career, playing D2 softball for Kutztown University for four years. Prior to taking on the role of Coordinator for Student Success & First-Year Experience, Alyssa served as a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Academic Enrichment for two years, where she provided academic coaching and advising support to students and received her master’s in social work from Kutztown University in 2023.