Chambliss Student Academic Achievement Awards

                                      NOMINATION DEADLINE FEBRUARY 12

                                                     2024 Nomination Form

The Chambliss Undergraduate Student Academic Achievement Awards were established through a generous gift provided by Dr. Carlson R. Chambliss, who served as a member of the Kutztown University faculty from 1970 until 2003. The purpose of the awards is to recognize the exceptional individual achievements of a select group of senior students as their careers at Kutztown University draw to a close.

Faculty and staff at Kutztown University are encouraged to nominate undergraduate students worthy of consideration for this prestigious award. The criterion requires that the nominee exemplify an individual achievement in one or more of the following areas in order to be considered for one of the twelve awards. The areas of achievement are: 

  • Successfully completed research project(s)
  • Original artwork of high quality
  • Artistic performances (music, chorus, drama, etc) of high quality
  • Original writing in literature or meritorious writing in other fields
  • Noteworthy achievements in athletics
  • Outstanding service to the Kutztown University community

Dr. Chambliss has provided the resources for up to twelve medals (2 gold, 4 silver, 6 copper) to be issued annually to the students selected for this award. In addition, each student recipient will receive a certificate acknowledging the conferral of the award.

For more information, please email Dr. Andrea Kirshman, Associate Provost for Student Success and Academic Excellence