Online Student Resources

Tips for success in an online learning environment

Create a Good Workspace

Find a quiet place with a good internet connection, access to power and freedom from distraction.

Know Your Resources

Figure out what technologies, websites and campus resources you need to use in each course.  Ensure your computer is working well, install any needed software and verify your browser is up-to-date.  Also, become familiar with how the Library can help you online.  

IT Help Desk         
Ask a Librarian

Stay Organized

It’s important to stay organized and to keep a copy of anything you submit in the event that a technology problem requires you to resubmit it—even your discussion forum posts.  Don’t forget to take good notes while doing your readings or watching online lectures just as you would in any other class.

Create a Schedule & Manage Time Wisely

A part of staying organized is having strong time management skills. Online courses certainly provide a lot of flexibility in terms of when you do your studying, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to study!  Just as you might attend a face-to-face lecture at a regular time each week, you need to schedule time (and enough of it) to study the materials and complete assignments. Pay close attention to assignment due dates as well.

Time Management Weekly Planner

Seek Help When Needed

Don’t wait until you’re lost.  If you’re not sure of an assignment, are having difficulty performing required tasks or just don’t get something, don’t hesitate.  Reach out to your faculty and classmates, but also take full advantage of online resources that may be available such as Tutoring Services and the Student Success Team.