Making Payments

We accept a wide variety of payments at KU. We offer a payment plan and work closely with Financial Aid Services on campus.  Below find our online payment options, office payment options and how to make a payment.

Payment Tips

  • Phones are not secure enough in most cases - try a tablet or computer
  • ALWAYS allow pop-ups from the site as the payment windows are pop-ups
  • Mailing payments?  Allow at least 1 week (with postal slow downs - allow 2 weeks) for receipt and posting
Payment Dashboard

The Payment Dashboard is the hub of all payments, bill/statements and payment plans.

As Kutztown University transitions from one student information system to another, we are also changing Payment Dashboards.

Legacy MyKU follows the below instructions for payments Summer 2024 and before.

NEW MyKU will use a NEW Payment Dashboard for billing no sooner than July 19th or after. 

  • A Fall 2024 payment plan is open now along with the ability to add Authorized Users in the NEW Payment Dashboard. 
  • NEW MyKU > Student Accounts card > select Payment Dashboard (may say Fall 2024 Payment Plan) - this will take you to the NEW Dashboard and allow you to set up a fall plan AND add authorized users!  Once we bill for Fall - statements will be there and the ability to make a payment.

Online Payment Methods

We have two different methods to pay online through MyKU and one international payment method online (Flywire will not be an option within NEW MyKU - but still be an option for students to use right on the Flywire website!  We will post the payments into NEW MyKU for you.


This is the preferred payment method for most of our students. This is an Electronic Check / Automated Clearing House [ACH] debit from a US bank checking or savings account - not a debit card payment.

  • Required items:
    • US issued Bank Account number
    • US issued Bank Routing number - 9 digits
  • Check with your bank if you are not sure if you should include preceding zeros.  We also encourage this if using a money market account or line of credit.  They may require you to select checking OR savings - we cannot advise on that.
  • The funds will be requested and debited within 1‐3 business days.
  • While this option is a free payment option, if the bank can't locate your account (digits in wrong order or missing, choosing checking instead of savings or vice versa, as this process is totally automated and your bank will not be able to look for your account or assist in this processing) or there are insufficient funds to cover the request, we do have a Returned Deposited Item fee of $25.00.
  • We encourage you to enter these bank figures very carefully.

Credit Cards

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express online only. These transactions can only be processed online in the Payment Dashboard (not in person or over the phone).

  • For US-based Credit Cards - there is a non‐refundable 2.85 percent* processing/convenience fee assessed and retained by our credit card processor.  There is a minimum fee of $3.00 for any credit card transaction.
  • For Foreign Credit Cards - there is a non-refundable 4.50 percent* processing/convenience fee assessed and retained by our credit card processor with a minimum fee as well.
  • We cannot accept credit cards over the phone or in person.


Flywire is a partner of Kutztown University to allow our international students to pay with their own foreign currency.  This payment option is only for foreign currency payments.  Kutztown University is unable to receive any foreign direct wires.

OFFICE Payment Options

We accept checks, money orders, certified funds and cash in our office (sorry credit cards must be processed online only).


  1. Cash of $3,000 or more will only be accepted with a valid photo ID.  A form will be required.
  2. Coins that can be rolled, must be rolled with a student ID # written on each roll.  Loose buckets or bags of change will not be accepted.
Mailing Checks

Checks may be mailed to us at the following address, please ensure they are received by the due date, not mailed on the due date.  Make checks payable to Kutztown University

Allow at least 2 weeks for receipt and posting given mail slow downs.

  • Mailing Address: Kutztown University, Office of Student Accounts, PO Box 730, Kutztown, PA 19530
  • Street Address (for overnight): Kutztown University, Office of Student Accounts, 15200 Kutztown Road, Kutztown, PA 19530

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