Viewing Your Bills

Kutztown University sends notifications that a bill/statement is ready to view at least monthly.  These bills/statements are produced when there is any activity on the account, payments or charges.  Log in and verify all looks current, accurate and to make a payment when needed.

Paper bills (invoices) are not mailed.

  • Bills are similar to a credit card statement - including prior balance, current activity and new balance due - we don't charge interest but late fees may apply!
  • Charges are assigned a due date and these are reflected in MyKU.  The assigned due date supersedes any due date found on an invoice/bill/statement.

Email & Text Notifications When Bills are Ready

Email notifications are sent to student KU email accounts only. However, a student can easily choose to have the email notifications sent to anyone they want now! 

MyKU > KU Financial Account tile > Payment Dashboard

Setting Up a Parent (third-party) To Receive Email & Text Bill Notifications

The student navigates to the Payment Dashboard, locates the Parent PIN box (lower left) and creates a username and access for whomever they choose.  The student will also grant them access to receive bill notification emails or texts, or both!

Parents access this special Payment Dashboard Access after they receive their Username and Password.

New Billing Format and Location

Bills are located in the Payment Dashboard and have an easier, simpler look and feel! Below is a sample.  Starting October 2019, monthly bills and future ones can be found by going to MyKU > KU Financial Account tile > selecting Payment Dashboard.  The upper right box will show the bills.  Bill history will also remain in MyKU > KU Financial Account tile > View Bills.

Sample of new bill format in Payment Dashboard
Fall & Spring Semester Billing

The following 2 items must be completed by the Due Date to secure enrollment.

  1. Intent to Attend (only after billing is processed), AND
  2. Payment - prior session or semester balances will not be covered by current aid
Session Billing - Winter & Summer

The following 1 item must be completed by the Due Date assigned to the charges in MyKU to secure enrollment. 

Note - you may not have a bill produced for session charges that are due.  If one is required or needed, please email us.

  1. Payment
    • Prior session or semester balances will not be covered by current aid.

Each session will have its own payment information page for more details, due dates and requirements.

What is the Intent to Attend?

This small item means a lot to all students and KU.   This item is located on the MyKU splash page and is a double-sized tile.  Check the No to a YES and click SAVE.

What it means:

  • KU knows you plan to attend the semester indicated
  • KU can report your enrollment to the State System
  • Financial Aid can disburse when cleared

It is used for Fall & Spring semesters only.

Failure to complete this item may result in the loss of your schedule.

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