Adding Bear Bucks & Flex Dollars

We offer two convenient ways to add "money" to your KU ID card so you don't have to carry cash; Bear Bucks and Flex Dollars.  Both of these can be purchased online easily and quickly! 

MyKU > KU Financial Account tile > Payment Dashboard > "Your Account" box > select click here to make a payment > locate the option you want to purchase (Bear Bucks of Flex)

Simply add the amount of bucks/dollars you want, add the item to your shopping cart and checkout!  The funds will be available on your KU ID card within one hour!

These transactions will appear on a future bill showing the charge and the payment.

bear bucks vs. Flex dollars:

Bear Bucks

These funds can be used at many locations on and off campus.  Locations are listed online. You cannot withdraw money from your Bear Bucks account.  You are also prohibited from purchasing alcohol or tobacco products with Bear Bucks.  These funds do not expire. These are refundable for a small processing fee if you withdraw or graduate from KU through the KU Card office.

Flex Dollars

These funds can be used at ALL on-campus retail dining locations (i.e. Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Book-n-Brew to name a few) and to cover the door rate at the South Dining Hall and Cub Café.  Flex Dollars cannot be used off campus.  You cannot withdraw money from your Flex Dollars account.  These funds expire at the end of each academic year.  These are non-refundable if you withdraw or graduate.  *Please note these are only available in the Fall and Spring semesters.

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