Transfer Year Residential Experience Graduate Student Employee

General Responsibilities:

The Transfer Year Residential Experience Graduate Student Employee (TYRE GSE) is a graduate student and a member of Kutztown University's Residence Life team. Transfer Year Residential Experience Graduate Student Employee is supervised by the Assistant Director of Residence Life. The Transfer Year Residential Experience Graduate Student Employee assists on-campus transfer students with their transition to Kutztown University and helping to connect them with resources.


Duties and Responsibilities:

(Under the Supervision of an Assistant Director of Residence Life)

The TYRE GSE will have weekly office hours to mentor and coach on-campus transfer students.  They will advertise and market these hours to transfer students. During office hours, the TYRE GSE will meet with students and provide resources and information. The TYRE GSE will keep their supervisor informed and of any issues or concerns with students. The TYRE GSE communicates with appropriate KU and Residence Life staff as needed. 


The TYRE GSE will plan, execute, and evaluate transitional programs, workshops, content, and digital resources to assist and help transfer students.


The TYRE GSE will create passive programming materials such as newsletters and informational social media postings that provide informal assistance and promote personal growth, as well as address issues that promote successful transfer student transition.


The TYRE GSE will create, manage and monitor social media accounts for all transfer students.  These social media accounts include but are not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. All transfer initiatives and resources should be promoted through social media accounts. The TYRE GSE will work with Admissions, Public Relations and Marketing as it relates to the social media components and promotion of KU’s transfer student opportunities.

The TYRE GSE will collaborate with faculty and various offices on-campus including but not limited to: Admissions, Registrar, Student Involvement, Orientation, Financial Aid, and Residence Life, Housing, and Dining Services.

The TYRE GSE will assist in implementing all ongoing assessment efforts.

The TYRE GSE will assist in the University’s recruitment and retention initiatives both on and off campus.

The TYRE GSE provides an educational discipline process for residents, which includes timely adjudication of all assigned incident reports as well as efficient management of related correspondence within this area.

The TYRE GSE resides on campus and is available to assume evening and weekend responsibilities. The TYRE GSE participates in the GSE on-call duty rotation. While on duty the TYRE GSE may work closely with Public Safety, Police Services, custodial staff and other University departments.

The TYRE GSE will participate in all Residence Life and Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs trainings and educational events for the campus community in support of the Division’s overall mission.

The TYRE GSE will serve as a role model for the Residence Life team and residents. The TYRE GSE is accountable to exercise appropriate judgment as it relates to professional behavior and sound decision making at all times.

The TYRE GSE will perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director of Residence Life, Housing, and Dining Services and/or their designees. The TYRE GSE pursues continuing professional development through participation in professional associations and University activities and committees as approved by the Assistant Director of Residence Life.

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