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Kutztown University offers a variety of specialized housing options that are built to enhance the academic and social learning of our students outside of the classroom. Learn more about Living Learning Communities and Special Interest Housing below.

For more information contact the Residence Life, Housing, and Dining Services Office. 

Special Interest Housing Communities for the 2022-2023 Academic Year:

  • What are Living Learning Communities?

    Living Learning Communities (LLC's) are programs that give students a unique, inclusive residential learning experience that connects academic learning with residence life. Students enjoy all the usual advantages of living on-campus in a residence hall, with the added benefit of living among a group of students that shares academic goals, interests, and majors. Typically all students living in the community share the same major and all live on the same floor or general area of one particular Residence Hall. Students in these communities also typically share a common academic course that is assigned to their LLC.

  • What is Special Interest Housing?

    Special Interest Housing Communities are programs that offer the same benefits and ideals that Living Learning Communities offer to our students. Students enjoy all the usual advantages of living on-campus in a residence hall, with the added benefit of living among a group of students that shares similar interests or characteristics. Students in these communities live on the same floor as others who share the common interest of the theme of the floor, but are not required to have that interest or topic as their academic major. The students in these communities are not required to share the same major, and do not typically have an academic course assigned to their program. KU offers FIG's (First-Year Interest Groups) and general interest groups to ensure that the specific needs of each population of students are being met. 

  • What are the benefits of participating in an LLC or Special Interest Housing Community program?
    • Students participating in these programs will be able to connect with other fellow Golden Bears that share the same interests or academic goals which enhances their support and social network on campus.
    • Typically, students in these programs receive more interactions with faculty and staff which can help improve academic connections and grades.
    • Nationally, students that participate in Living Learning Communities and Special Interest Housing Communities typically have a higher retention rate (staying at the same school from year to year) and GPA.
    • Resources are shared among students, faculty and staff in these communities that can enrich the overall University experience.  
    • Programming opportunities are increased for students participating in Living Learning Communities which increases their learning outside of the classroom, as well as provide opportunities for social and personal growth.
  • How do I apply to participate in a Living Learning Community or Special Interest Housing Community?
    • Click here for the Living Learning Community/Special Interest Housing Community application information.
    • 2022-2023 Deadlines:
      • Applications will be open from April 11th-May 13th
      • Roommate Matches on My College Roomie are due June 6th
      • Room Selection: June 7th-9th

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