Transfer Year Experience

The Kutztown University Transfer Year Experience is designed to get transfer students connected to campus and with each other. 

The Transfer Year Experience provides transfer students with mentorship, resources, and events during their time living on campus specifically during their first year.

Before you start your first semesteR

Now that you have been accepted to Kutztown there are a couple of things you will need to do to prepare for your arrival on campus! Check out the drop-down menus below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions
Campus Resources
  • Admissions- Check out the Transfer Admissions webpage!
  • Registrar- Check out the registrars’ webpage to find out ways your credits might transfer into Kutztown University towards your degree.
  • Financial Aid and Student Accounts- At Kutztown we have two different offices that work with you to pay for school. Financial Aid helps you find the aid and loans you need to pay for school and then Student Accounts is who prepares your bill and works with you to get it paid.

  • Health and Wellness- Before you move onto campus you will need to update some health forms for the university’s records. You can do that on the Health and Wellness website.
  • Connections- Signing up for new student orientation is a must on the list of things to get done when coming to campus! Check out the dates available here!
  • Student Involvement- Find out ways to get involved around campus and see what types of events and services KU offers through our office of student involvement!
  • Disability Services- Should you need to set up any sort of accommodations, you will need to reach out to our Disability Services Office to get that process started. It might be easier to start this process before you get to campus!
  • Other Offices at KU!- We have a lot of offices that can help you out on campus, check out the full list of offices to find what you are looking for!
Meet our transfer students

Meet John!

John was a Criminal Justice major who transferred to Kutztown from Northampton Community College. John now attends graduate school at KU! While at KU John worked as a Community Assistant, and as a University Photographer. John thinks that it is important for transfer students to get involved on campus, and make KU into their new home!

Meet Erin!

Erin is an Environmental Geography major who one day wants to work for the National Park Service. Erin transferred from Northampton Community College, and plans to graduate from Kutztown University in 2022. Erin loves living on campus because of the atmosphere and the fact that there is always someone who wants to help you have the best experience possible. Erin has worked on campus as a Desk Receptionist, and is a member of the Kutztown Christian Fellowship. She also volunteers her time with a search and rescue dog team.

Meet Vivian!

Vivian was a Communication Studies major who not only transferred once, but twice! She attended both Dickinson College and Northampton Community College before she found her home here at KU! Vivian used her experiences to her advantage, and got very involved on campus. She was the Vice President of the Kutztown Chapter of the National Society for Leadership and Success, Public Relations Chair for the Honors Club, a Transfer Mentor, and an Honors Mentor. Vivian also worked as a Community Assistant. Vivian would want to remind incoming transfer students that they are never alone on campus and through the transfer process. Vivian liked that when you live on campus you are close to everything and everyone that you need, and that there are always resources available to you!

Meet Jaquan!

Jaquan was a Political Science Major who transferred to Kutztown University from the Community College of Philadelphia. Jaquan was very involved on campus working as a Community Assistant, interning for the Community Outreach Center, and working with the Black Student Union. Jaquan loved life at KU because campus felt like a bubble away from the “real world”. There are spaces to learn and resources to use and Jaquan thinks everyone should use that to their advantage!

Meet Phil!

Phil was a double major in Criminal Justice and Information Technology. Phil started at Rutgers Newark, and then went to Northampton Community College before finding his home here at KU. Phil worked for Residence Life for three years working as a Desk Receptionist, Community Assistant, and Assistant Resident Director. Phil enjoyed being on campus because you get to live so close to your friends, and build strong relationships with friends you wouldn’t otherwise get to build. When asked what he would tell incoming transfer students, Phil said that transferring isn’t as scary as you think, and finding the right group of friends is easy because everyone here is welcoming and wants to get to know each other.

Male transfer student named John, standing in front of a blurred background of grass and trees
Female transfer student, Erin, sitting on a bench outside of Rohrbach library
Female transfer student, Vivian, sitting on steps outside of a building
Male transfer student, Jaquan, standing in front of fountain behind Old Main
Male transfer student, Phil, standing in front of the Rohrbach library front entrance ramp