Frequently Asked Questions

  • All About Roommates

    How do I choose a roommate?

    What happens if I am unable to find a roommate?

    • If you are unable to select a roommate pair, you will be assigned a roommate. Roommate assignments can occur any time after you complete your selection through the start of the academic year.

    Can I move or get a new roommate after I move in?

    • We encourage all students to attempt to work out their roommate differences. We understand that sometimes that could require Residence Life staff assistance. After a mediation process, if your differences are considered irreconcilable, we can work to process a room change for you.
  • Dining Information

    How do I select a meal plan?

    • You will select a meal plan through your MyKU Housing Account (
      • Go to your MyKUHousing Account
      • Enter student e-mail and password
      • From the left menu select “Dining”
      • Select “Dining Plans” on the left side of the screen
      • At the top right of your screen change term to “Fall 2020” under “Purchased Meal Plans”
      • On the same screen, select the meal plan you would like from the list of possible selections.
    • Instructional Video-

    Am I required to have a meal plan?

    • All students living in a traditional residence hall must select either the MyTime Dining Diamond, MyTime Dining Platinum, or MyTime Dining Gold. If you do not select one of these plans, you will be assigned the MyTime Dining Platinum when the meal plan selection window closes.
    • Students living in non-traditional halls can select any meal plan or choose to not have one.
  • Housing Options and Details

    What is a traditional residence hall?

    • A traditional residence hall is more commonly known as a dorm. A traditional hall consists of wings/halls of bedrooms where all residents share common area bathrooms.

    Where are freshmen usually housed?

    • First year students are most commonly housed in our traditional residence halls.

    Are all dorms co-ed?

    • Yes, all of our halls are mixed gendered.

    Are first year students eligible to live in Dixon Hall?

    • First year students will not be able to select Dixon Hall during their room selection processes.

    How do I access my housing account?

    What should I do if I need special accommodations in my residence hall?

    • If you need special housing accommodations, please contact the Disability Services Office.

    Where do athletes live on campus?

    • There is no specific residence hall(s) that house our athletes.

    How do I submit a work order for my room?

    What if I don’t want to live on-campus during my first 2 years?

    • You will need to complete the Residency Exception Request Application on your MyKU Housing Account ( if you meet any of the exception requirements
    • Instructional Video-
  • Special Interest Housing

    What is Special Interest Housing?

    • Special Interest Housing Communities are programs that are offered to students who wish to live in the same residence hall as others who have similar interests or majors. Students who live in these communities generally meet weekly or biweekly with staff/faculty and their community members. Visit the Special Interest Housing Tab on our webpage for more info.

    If I am a member of a Special Interest Housing Community, does my roommate need to be a member as well to live with me?

    • No, but preference may be given to those who are, if space is limited in a residence hall.
    • If you need special housing accommodations, please contact the Disability Services Office.
  • What Can I Bring?

    Can I bring my own mini fridge?

    • Yes, students can have a refrigerator in their room, however, there are restrictions. If you bring your own, the maximum capacity is 3.2 cubic feet with an amperage draw of no more than 1.4.

    Can I bring my own microwave?

    • No, microwaves are not allowed in the traditional residence halls. The only way to have a microwave is to rent a Microfridge.

    How do I rent a Microfridge?

    What is the difference between a mini fridge and a Microfridge?

    • A mini fridge is a unit provided by the student without a microwave attached. A Microfridge is a unit that is purchased through a rental company (see above) and has a microwave attached.

    Can I bring an air conditioning unit?

    • No, air conditioning units are not permitted in the residence halls.