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Actuarial Sciences


With a minor in actuarial science, you can be on your way to entering a specialized career field ranked among the highest in the United States for job satisfaction, opportunities for advancement and salaries topping $100,000.

How much should an insurance company charge each driver? How much should a business set aside to cover potential liabilities from known risks? You’ll learn to use math and data analysis to answer questions like these and you can open the door for a career in insurance, consulting, finance, or government.

The Actuarial Science program at KU will prepare you for two of the required national actuarial exams, giving you the fundamental knowledge and skills vital to meeting the demands of an actuarial career. You can participate in the Statistics and Actuarial Science club, make contacts with KU alumni working in the field and learn about internships and job opportunities. The Actuarial Science program is a combined offering by the Departments of Mathematics and Business Administration.

What is an actuary?  

Wherever there is risk, there are opportunities for actuaries—of course risk is everywhere, so actuaries are constantly in demand. Actuaries are business professionals who analyze, manage and measure the financial implications of risk, develop and validate models and communicate results to guide decision-making.

Why be an actuary?

  • Top-Ranked—one of the top jobs in the United States     
  • High earnings potential—great starting salaries that can double in five years
  • Job security—less sensitive to economic cycles  
  • Impressive impact—high-level business decision-making in every industry
  • Life in balance—low-stress, highly sought-after work/life balance.

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