Mathematics Tutoring Resources

Tutoring Services: 

The Tutoring Center in Rohrbach Library 30 offers FREE peer tutoring for MAT 17 (Introduction to Mathematics) through and including MAT 150 (Biostatistics).  

Mathematics Tutoring Center:

The Department of Mathematics offers FREE walk-in peer tutoring for MAT 17 (Introduction to Mathematics), MAT 40 (Geometry), MAT 45 (Women in Mathematics), MAT 103/104 (Fundamentals of Mathematics), MAT 105 (College Algebra), MAT 106 (Trigonometry), MAT 115 (Pre-Calculus), MAT 121 (Mathematics for Business and Information Science), MAT 122 (Applied Calculus), MAT 140 (Applied Statistical Methods), MAT 181 (Calculus I), MAT 182 (Calculus II), and MAT 283 (Calculus III).  

Tutors' Availability for Fall 2021:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2-5 pm

In Person Via Zoom
Mondays/Wednesdays 2-3pm in Lytle 203 and 3-5pm in Lytle 225 Tutors are available Mondays 3-5pm and Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays 2-5pm.  Ask your math professor for the link.
Tuesdays/Thursdays 2-5pm in Lytle 225

Supplemental Instructors (SI's)

Supplemental Instructors (SI's) offer FREE peer tutoring in traditionally difficult mathematics courses by providing regularly scheduled sessions.  Supplemental Instruction is available to students in selected sections of MAT 105, 106, 115, 181, 182, and 283; ask your professor for hours and additional details. The SI's are students who have successfully passed the course and are recommended by the professor. Therefore, they know the material well and know how your particular professor teaches it.