Math Club

The Math Club is a student organization open to all Kutztown University students interested in mathematics. The Math Club hosts monthly activities throughout the semester including talks by faculty, students, or outside speakers, computing activities in the math lab, and other fun games and competitions. Food is always provided!

2019 - 2020 LEADERSHIP:

  • Faculty Advisors: Drs. Wong and Emerick
  • President: Brooke Eshbach
  • Vice President: Isaac Reiter
  • Treasurer: Safal Raut Chhetri
  • Secretary: Liannah Kim

2019 - 2020 EVENTS:

  • Spring 2020: 
    • Board Game Day!
  • Fall 2019: 
    • Careers in Mathematics Conference! 
    • Matlab Scavenger Hunt -- Winner: Safal Raut Chhetri, Prize: "Infinite Powers" by Steven Strogatz.
    • "It's Mathemagical!" -- a talk by Isaac Reiter
      • Abstract: Recreational mathematics offers students a great opportunity to take a break from schoolwork and remind themselves why they love mathematics. In this lecture, we will discuss a selection mathematical card tricks. Some of the tricks require mental calculation, while others allow the underlying math to do all the work. After demonstrating each trick, a proof of the trick will be provided. The proofs range from applying basic algebra to using the beautiful properties of binary and ternary. Also, we'll touch on the mindboggling Gilbreath principle.
    • Summer Research Experiences
      • Civil Engineering Internship – Jonathan Turner
      • Oakridge National Laboratory Internship – Vanessa Maybruck

2018 - 2019 EVENTS:

  • Spring 2019: 
    • “What is so special about a comb?” – a talk by Dr. Wong
      • Abstract: Have you ever wondered, "What is so special about a comb?"  Well, you're in luck.  Because at the next Math Club meeting, you'll find out that combare significant.  What's that?  Yeah, a "comb graph" is the "unique connected permutation graph with maximum domination number."  That's right.  In this talk by Dr. Wong, we will find out what these eight words mean individually as well as when we put them together.  No prerequisite knowledge will be assumed, but please run a comb through your hair before you arrive!
    • First Annual Bocce Ball Tournament
      • 1st Place:  Guys Walking Down the Street – Kolten and Nick
      • 2nd Place: On a Roll – Dr. Emerick and Zach Rogers
    • Beauty 3-D Design Contest and a talk about Chaos by Dr. Emerick
  • Fall 2018: 
    • “The Unlikely Friendship of Math and Science” – by Ben Orlin.  Ben Orlin is an avid blogger and author of “Math with Bad Drawings: Illuminating the Ideas That Shape Our Reality.”
      • Abstract: Math is supposed to be useful. And yet mathematicians are always chasing imaginary visions, abstractions divorced from reality. Could that possibly prove useful to science? Actually, yes. In a big way.
    • Punny Math Quiz Bowl and a talk about solving Rubik’s Cube by Ethan Noe.
    • Summer Research Experiences:
      • Lafayette College REU – Grant Fickes
      • NSF Supported Research at University of Southern Queensland, Australia – Jacob McCann
      • Muhlenberg College REU – Alex Miller
    • Board Game Day!
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