Mathematics Faculty-Student Publications

Mathematics faculty at Kutztown are engaged in research in collaboration with undergraduate students, which often results in professional publications.

Kutztown students are denoted by *
Kutztown mathematics faculty are denoted by #

Classification by girth of three-dimensional algebraically defined monomial graphs over the real numbers
A. Kodess, B.G. Kronenthal#, D. Manzano-Ruiz*, and E. Noe*
Discrete Mathematics (2021)

The edge-distinguishing chromatic number of spider graphs with three legs or bounded leg
G. Fickes* and T.W.H. Wong#
Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing (2020+)

Simple Population-Based Metaheuristics for the Multiple Demand Multiple-Choice Multidimensional Knapsack Problem
D. Gaspar*, Y. Lu#, M.S. Song#, and F.J. Vasko#
International Journal of Metaheuristics (2020)

Global redistribution and local migration in semi-discrete host–parasitoid population dynamic models
B. Emerick#, A. Singh, and S. Raut Chhetri*
Mathematical Biosciences (2020)

Math students help their community develop balanced refuse collection routes
S. Andris*, B. Bailey, J. Ritzko*, and F.J. Vasko#
MSOR Connections (2020)

Nimber Sequences of Node-Kayles Games
S. Brown, S. Daugherty, E. Fiorini, B. Maldonado, D. Manzano-Ruiz*, S. Rainville, R. Waechter, and T.W.H. Wong#
Journal of Integer Sequences (2020)

An OR Practitioner’s Solution Approach to the Multidimensional Knapsack Problem
Z. Kern*, Y. Lu#, and F.J. Vasko#
International Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations (2020)

Primes and perfect powers in the Catalan triangle
N. Benjamin*, G. Fickes*, E. Fiorini, J. Rodriguez, Eric Jovinelly, and T.W.H. Wong#
Journal of Integer Sequences (2019)

An investigation on partitions with equal products
B. Cha, A. Claman, J. Harrington, Z. Liu, B. Maldonado, A. Miller*, A. Palma, T.W.H. Wong#, and H. Yi
International Journal of Number Theory (2019)

On the girth of two-dimensional real algebraically defined graphs
A.J. Ganger, S.N. Golden*, B.G. Kronenthal#, and C.A. Lyons
Discrete Mathematics (2019)

A probabilistic take-away game
T.W.H. Wong# and J. Xu*
Journal of Integer Sequences (2018)

A Final Note on the Ones Assignment Method and its Variants: They Don’t Work
E. Landquist#, C. Reigle*, and F.J. Vasko#
International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering (2018)

The Generalized Steiner Cable-Trench Problem with Applications to Error Correction in Vascular Image Analysis
E. Landquist#, F. Vasko#, G. Kresge*, A. Tal*, Y. Jiang, and X. Papademetris
Operations Research Proceedings 2016: Selected Papers of the Annual International Conference of the German Operations Research Society (2017)

Formulating and Solving a Radio Astronomy Antenna Connection Problem as a Generalized Cable-Trench Problem: An Empirical Study
K. Zyma*, J.N. Girard, E. Landquist#, G. Schaper, and F. J. Vasko#
International Transactions in Operational Research (2017)

An Undergraduate uses OR to improve Final Exam Schedules at her university
D. Sienko*, P. Ache#, Y. Lu#, F.J. Vasko#, and T. Witryk
MSOR Connections (2016)

Solving the Unbalanced Assignment Problem: Simpler is Better
N. Betts* and F.J. Vasko#
American Journal of Operations Research (2016)

An Empirical Study of Population-Based Metaheuristics for the Multiple-Choice Multidimensional Knapsack Problem
F.J. Vasko#, Y. Lu#, K. Zyma*
International Journal of Metaheuristics (2016)

What is the Best Greedy-like Heuristic for the Weighted Set Covering Problem?
F.J. Vasko#, Y. Lu#, and K. Zyma*
Operations Research Letters (2016)

A Simple and Efficient Strategy for Solving Very Large-Scale Generalized Cable-Trench Problems
F. Vasko#, G. Kresge*, A. Tal*, Y. Jiang, X. Papademetris, and E. Landquist#
Networks: An International Journal

Teacher Training Enhances the Teaching-Learning-Based Optimization Metaheuristic when used to Solve Multiple-Choice Multidimensional Knapsack Problems
K. Zyma*, Y. Lu#, and F.J. Vasko#
International Journal of Metaheuristics (2015)

Some results on distorted Cantor sets
M.P.M.M McLoughlin# and C. Krizan*
International Journal of Mathematical Analysis (2014)

The Collatz Conjecture and integers of the form 2^kb-m and 3^kb-1
P. Wiltrout* and E. Landquist#
Furman University Electronic Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics (2013)

Bringing Pizza Delivery to the Operational Research Classroom
C. Zimmerman* and F. J. Vasko#
MSOR Connections (2012)

Balancing a Transportation Problem: Is It Really That Simple?
F. J. Vasko# and N. Storozhyshina*
OR Insight (2011)

Using Pinochle to Motivate the Restricted Combinations with Repetitions Problem
P.S. Gorman#, J.D. Kunkel*, and F. J. Vasko#
International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology (2011)

Using an Interval Graph Approach to Efficiently Solve the Housing Benefit Data Retrieval Problem
F. J. Vasko#, J.D. Kunkel*, and P.S. Gorman#
International Transactions in Operational Research (2011)

A Statistical Analysis of Parameter Values for the Rank-Based Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for the Traveling Salesperson Problem
F.J. Vasko#, J.D. Bobeck#, M.A. Governale*, D.J. Rieksts*, and J.D. Keffer*
Journal of the Operational Research Society (2011)

A Comprehensive Empirical Analysis of 16 Heuristics for the Transportation Problem
N. Storozhyshina*, F. Pargar, and F. J. Vasko#
OR Insight (2011)

A Women’s Collegiate Basketball Star Player Helps her Team with OR
F. J. Vasko#, R. Wisemiller*, and P.S. Gorman#
OR Insight (2010)

Using Wang’s Two-Dimensional Cutting Stock Algorithm to Optimally Solve Difficult Problems
F. J. Vasko# and C. L. Bartkowski*
International Transactions in Operational Research (2009)

Math Programming takes the fun out of SUDOKU Puzzles
M. Governale* and F.J. Vasko#
PACISE Spring Conference Proceedings (2008)

Metaheuristics for Meltshop Scheduling in the Steel Industry
P. A. Huegler* and F. J. Vasko#
Journal of the Operational Research Society (2007)

A Hierarchical Approach for the Application of Slabs to Strip Products in the Steel Industry
F. J. Vasko#, A. J. Hamm, K. L. Reitmeyer*, and L. R. Woodyatt
OR Insight (2005)

An Empirical Study of Hybrid Genetic Algorithms for the Set Covering Problem
F.J. Vasko#, P.J. Knolle*, and D. S. Spiegel
Journal of the Operational Research Society (2005)

The Cable Trench Problem: Combining The Shortest Path and Minimum Spanning Tree Problems
F. J. Vasko#, R. S. Barbieri*, B. Q. Rieksts*, K. L. Reitmeyer*, and K. L. Stott
Computers and Operations Research (2002)

A Performance Comparison of Heuristics for the Total Weighted Tardiness Problem
P. A. Huegler* and F. J. Vasko#
Computers and Industrial Engineering (1997)

Assigning slabs to orders: an example of appropriate model formulation
F. J. Vasko#, M. L. Creggar*, K. L. Stott, and L. R. Woodyatt
Computers and Industrial Engineering (1994)

A Real-Time One-Dimensional Cutting Stock Algorithm for Balanced Cutting Patterns
F. J. Vasko#, M. L. Creggar*, D. D. Newhart, and K. L. Stott
Operations Research Letters (1993)

A Multiple Attribute-Based Expert Support System for Customer/Order Evaluation
F. J. Vasko#, M. L. Cregger*, L. G. Lutsko, D. D. Newhart, and D. J. Renn
Journal of the Operational Research Society (1990)