Guide for First-Time Students

Below please find information that is helpful to all first-time students, freshman, transfers and graduate students. We understand that during orientation programs there is a lot of information and it can be overwhelming. Please feel free to view the items below, and email us with any questions. We are here to help you be a successful Golden Bear! For student specific guidance, please remember we need students to complete a FERPA Authorization to Access Student Records each academic year.

Keys to Success for ALL New Students to KU

  1. KU email must be checked regularly and is where we will communicate with you about billing and other matters.
  2. Billing is ONLINE only - we do not mail bills. We do mail Collection Letters as will our agencies.
  3. Check your To-Do's on MyKU and respond to any with urgency.
  4. All students MUST select a refund preference.
  5. Meet the Due Dates assigned - we may drop classes if not paid on time.
  6. Change your mind about coming to KU - TELL US!

Incoming Freshman

Transfer Students

  • Transfer Checklist - What is due and when - very helpful!
    • Parents do not need to sign up for a Parent Orientation for transfer students.  They can simply attend with their student.
  • Financial Guidance & Explanations - this will go further into items that our transfer students need to know and explain terminologies often used.  Remember every school is different!
  • Additional Funding Options can be reviewed online or printed here
  • Please use this years costs as estimates for payment plans and additional loans

Graduate Students

  • Financial Takeaways - this will review what a Graduate student needs to know along with the Graduate Orientation program.  While many things are similar to your undergraduate career, quite a few are different!

New Student Programs Website for more information

Dear KU Student and Family,

We are super excited you have made the choice to attend Kutztown University! We know you will love this campus as much as we do. Now that the decision has been made to grow with us, I am sure lots of questions come to mind. Some questions are fun - what do I need for my residence hall room, what will the food be like, will I like my roommate and my teachers, what events will be on campus, how tough are the classes and more. Some not so much - how will I be billed, how will I pay for this and lots of other "money" questions.

We want to address common questions that come to us from new students (freshman and transfer students) and their families. Please take a minute to read this and keep it as a resource for the year. It will help you be prepared, secure your class schedule, take advantage of payment plans if needed and have aid disbursed in a timely manner. We will discuss our process for billing, payment options, refunding methods, military benefits, brief financial aid, and office contacts. As always, you can call or email us with any questions you may have. -Wendy Pursell, Director of Student Accounts

High School Transcript Requirement for Federal Aid

Federal regulations won't allow for aid to show as authorized/pending aid if you have not submitted your Final High School Transcript to KU. Please ensure this has been requested with a sense of urgency to be sent to KU Admissions Office. Additionally, now is a great time to also ensure the MPN and Entrance Counseling (as listed below in the Financial Aid section) are completed. Once all three items are done/received, we can submit your aid for certification and show it as authorized/pending on your MyKU account. Remember your awarded aid must show as authorized or pending to be considered valid. Even as a Transfer student, if you have not completed your Associate's degree, we need your Final HS transcript showing your graduation date.

Are you interested in seeing information about billing?

This page will show some general information with additional pages below with more details so that you can feel comfortable when billing season rolls around.