Resident Director (10 Months)

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General Responsibilities:

The Resident Director is a graduate student and a member of Kutztown University's Residence Life Team. The Resident Director is supervised by an Assistant Director of Residence Life. The Resident Director is responsible for student success and retention through efficient day-to-day operation of a residence hall while adhering to the mission and core values of the department.

Duties and Responsibilities:

(Under the Supervision of an Assistant Director of Residence Life)

The Resident Director establishes a rapport with students within the residential area and assists these students in the adjustment to community living and university life. The Resident Director clearly articulates and implements University and Housing and Residence Life policies in a residence hall and is available to counsel, advise, and refer students when appropriate. In addition, the Resident Director monitors resident student's adjustment to community living and provides routine contact, mentoring and roommate mediation as necessary. The Resident Director assists in all housing and residence life processes and programs.

The Resident Director provides ongoing training, supervision, evaluation and discipline for all staff based upon established procedures and assessed student and staff needs. The Resident Director establishes and conducts regularly scheduled hall and staff meetings. In addition, the Resident Director monitors resident student's adjustment to the University and provides routine contact, mentoring and guidance. The Resident Director is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of hall student staff.

The Resident Director may perform the duties necessary to maintain the efficient functioning and monitoring of a residence hall. These duties include, but are not limited to, health and safety inspections, identifying problem areas, communicating with the University Environmental Health and Safety Specialist, inventory control and processing maintenance work orders. The Resident Director is responsible for efficient openings and closings of a residence hall, check-ins/outs that occur throughout the year, and all administrative duties associated with these processes.

The Resident Director is responsible for actively supporting and participating in housing processes and procedures in accordance with established timelines. This includes working with the Adirondack software system, establishing roommate selection programs to assist with room assignments and managing roommate conflicts which may result in reassignments.  In addition, the Resident Director establishes a working relationship with resident students to improve living accommodations and processes to better meet the ongoing needs of the residents.

The Resident Director provides leadership, direction and active support to the student staff in meeting the goals of the Programming Model.     

The Resident Director is responsible for the recruitment and advisement of Hall Council including individual officers and committees. The Resident Director attends all hall council meetings and training sessions and is visible during major programming or projects sponsored by the hall council. The Resident Director provides an educational discipline process for both residents and student staff, which includes timely adjudication of all citations and assigned incident reports as well as efficient management of related correspondence within this area.

The Resident Director, working in conjunction with the Housing and Residence Life team provides assistance as needed to assure appropriate first year student opportunities are in place to assist students with adjustment and participation in every aspect of college and academic life, and supports the goals of the First Year Residential Experience program.

The Resident Director maintains regularly scheduled hours in the hall. The Resident Director is responsible for communicating Housing and Residence Life processes, procedures, activities, programs, issues and concerns between the Housing and Residence Life Office and resident students.

The Resident Director performs other duties as assigned by the Executive Director of Residence Life, Housing, and Dining Services and/or their designees.

The Resident Director pursues continuing professional development through participation in professional associations and University activities and committees.

The Resident Director serves as a role model for the Residence Life team and residents. The Resident Director is accountable to exercise appropriate judgment as it relates to professional behavior and sound decision making at all times.

The Resident Director resides on campus and is available to assume evening and weekend responsibilities. While on duty the Resident Director may work closely with Public Safety, Police Services, custodial staff and other University departments.

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