Institute on Local-Global Connections


Consistent with the mission of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and Kutztown University, the purpose of the institute is:

  • To provide opportunities for students to increase awareness of social work from a global perspective and help them explore possible careers in global social work
  • To create research and scholarship opportunities for faculty and students
  • To respond to the needs of the social work field for technical assistance (such as trainings, consultancy, research skills, topical expertise in global social work issues)
  • To provide opportunities for continuing education (conferences; courses)
  • To foster cross-cultural, local-global exchange, collaboration, and research
  • To promote global citizenship and strengthen cultural competence
About the Institute

The Institute for Local-Global Connections at the Kutztown University's Department of Social Work was established to foster scholarship and enable local-global exchange and partnerships, promote global citizenship, and strengthen cultural awareness among social work students, faculty, and professionals. The Institute acts as a catalyst for bringing together faculty's global and local connections, facilitates partnerships, and promotes research and innovation.  

The affiliates of the institute offer trainings and workshops, research skills, and expertise that include, but are not limited to, the areas of:

  • women's issues, domestic violence and reproductive health in the global context;
  • human trafficking;
  • global poverty and health issues;
  • immigration and refugee issues;
  • mental health and culturally sensitive interventions;
  • environmental degradation, disasters, and disaster recovery;
  • social work practice with communities and organizations in the international context;
  • cultural awareness;
  • international agreements and international institutions promoting global citizenship. 
Principal Investigator

Juliana Svistova, PhD, MSW


Dr. Heather LaBarre

Dr. Ahyoung Lee

Dr. Yasoda Sharma

  • Community Activities, Projects and Presentations

    • Social Work in the Global Environment Annual Conference
    • Trainings and Workshops - per request

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  • Research and Publications

    Global Poverty

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    International NGOs and Social Policy

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    Global Health

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    Domestic Violence

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    Children and Adolescents

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    Immigration and Acculturation

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    Disasters, Disaster Recovery, Haiti, and the Role of Media

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