Dr. Fang-Hsun Wei, MS, Ph.D.

Dr. Fang-Hsun Wei

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Kutztown, PA 19530 
Phone: 610-683-4935
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Biographical Statement: 

Dr. Wei earned her doctoral degree in social work from University of Texas at Arlington. She obtained her master and bachelor degree from Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan. Dr. Wei is from Taiwan and can speak Taiwanese, Chinese, and English. She has taught undergraduate and graduate social work courses.  She teaches research related courses, introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare, and practice courses. Dr. Wei's most recent scholarship is focused on women's reproductive health, social and economic development, and international social work. She worked in the areas of mental health, health, and school for several years. Dr. Wei has presented papers in international and national conferences. She has several publications in peer-reviewed journals. She also served as a reviewer in peer-reviewed journals.

Teaching Interests:
    • Research Methods
    • Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare
    • Program Evaluation
    • Needs Assessment
    • Practice with Individuals
    • Practice with Communities and Organizations
Research Interests:
    • Health Behavior
    • Mental Health
    • Reproductive Health
    • Social and Economic Development
    • International Social Work
    • Medical Malpractice
  • Publications

    • Wei, F.H., Stere, M.J., Goodman-Hinnershitz, M. (2020). Protective and Risk Factors of Alcohol Use Among Southeastern Pennsylvania Youth. Social Development Issues, 42(3), 109-120
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    • Wei, F. H. & Pillai, V. K. (2013). Environmental quality and reproductive health in developing countries, International Journal of Sustainable Society, 5 (2), 146-159. This article was publicized through a science blog by Freelance science writer David Biadley, URL: http://www.sciencebase.com/science-blog/carbon-emissions-and-reproductive-health.html
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  • Presentations

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