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Case Management


Considering a career in a helping profession?

The Case Management Minor Provides the Opportunity for:

  • Personal growth and development

  • Practical hands-on assignments

  • Real-life examples

  • Career enhancement for the helping professional

The minor is designed to assist students majoring in Communication Studies, Criminal Justice, Education, Professional Studies, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology and/or embarking on a career as a helping professional.

There is an 18 S.H. requirement for the completion of the minor. Students must have a minimum of 2.00 cumulative GPA in the minor courses to complete the minor.

  • Required courses (12 s.h.)*

    SWK 320 Case Management an Interdisciplinary Approach (3 s.h.) 

    SWK 321 Professional Dimensions of Case Management or SWK 200 Professional Context of SWK Practice* (3 s.h.)

    PSY250 Abnormal Psychology or SWK 160 Human Behavior in the Social Environment* (3 s.h.)

    SOC 110 Contemporary Social Problems or SWK 130 Poverty and Social Welfare*  (3 s.h.)

    *Restrictions for Social Work Majors only:

    1. Required coursesSWK 320SWK 321, PSY250, SOC110.

    2. Electives: Social Work Majors can use no more than one course with an SWK prefix to fulfill minor Electives.

    *Restrictions for all non-Social Work Majors:

    All non-social work majors can use no more than three courses with a course prefix of their major.

  • Electives (6 s.h.)*

    Take two of the following:

    COM 130 Interpersonal Communications (3 s.h.)

    COM 210 Persuasion (3 s.h.)

    COM 215 Small Group Communication (3 s.h.)

    CRJ 221 Juvenile Justice System (3 s.h.)

    CRJ/SOC 250 Criminology (3 s.h.

    CRJ/SOC 270 Management of Offenders ( 3 s.h.)

    CRJ 274 Policy. Punishment, and Society (3 s.h.)

    PRO 185 Fundamentals of Personal Finance (3 s.h.)

    PSY 120 Adolescent Psychology (3 s.h.)

    PSY 125 Life Span Development (3 s.h.)

    PSY 217 Forensic Psychology (3 s.h.)

    PSY 331 Health Psychology (3 s.h.)

    SOC 207 Families and Social Class (3 s.h.)

    SOC 241 Race and Ethnicity (3 s.h.)

    SPU 101 Early Intervention…Disabilities (3 s.h.)

    SPU 201 Cognitive Development (3 s.h.)

    SWK 285 Essential Skills in Helping (3 s.h.)

    SWK 286 Social Work and Substance Abuse (3 s.h.)

    SWK/SOC 290 Gerontology and Social Work (3 s.h.)

    SWK 315 Human Services Admin (3 s.h.)

    SWK 328 Child Welfare and Social Work (3 s.h.)

    Other SWK course by permission (3 s.h.)

Notes for Prerequisites:

Courses listed in the minor have their individual and department prerequisites and permissions.  Students of this minor are not exempt from these requirements unless otherwise stated. While SWK 250 is generally a prerequisite for Social Work Electives (non-mandatory SWK courses), social work students may take SWK 320 and 321 concurrent with SWK 250. Students in other majors are exempted from the SWK 250 prerequisite.

Students must have a minimum of 2.00 cumulative GPA in the minor courses to complete the minor.

For more information, please contact the

Department of Social Work

Old Main 339


or speak with your social work advisor.

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