Keystone Hall

Building Code: KY

Distance shot of the Keystone Hall entrance

Keystone Hall is home of the Golden Bears. You can find Intercollegiate Athletic Department offices here, as well as Keystone Arena and athletics department offices.

Keystone Hall

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Exterior View of Keystone Hall

Keystone Hall front entrance with a student walking in the foreground

Keystone Hall is the place to catch a Golden Bears' basketball game, wrestling, swimming, or volleyball match. A six-lane public pool serves as the home for aquatic activities and events. Department offices of Intercollegiate Athletics can be found in Keystone, as well as classrooms for the Department of Sport Management. In addition to many athletics events, the arena in Keystone is host to many important events, such as Convocation, concerts and speakers.  It was the site of a town hall meeting by President George W. Bush in 2004.