Golden Bear Plaza

Circle courtyard in the middle of GB plaza, with the golden bear statue in the background

Golden Bear Plaza is a place where students can mingle or use KU's lighted basketball courts as well as the grill and barbeque pit

  • Kutztown, PA 19530

Golden Bear Plaza

View of Golden Bear Plaza

Golden Bear Plaza

In the foreground is Golden Bear Plaza, in the background is Andre Reed Stadium

Chimney in the middle of GB plaza with the gold number '44 on it.
Overhead shot of the golden bear plaza in the foreground, with the football field in the background

Golden Bear Plaza Dedication

The Golden Bear Plaza Dedication was held on Family Day 2013, giving students and their families the opportunity to take part in the event.

The land where a coal power plant once stood is now Golden Bear Plaza, filled with modern essentials for students to enjoy. It features lighted outdoor basketball courts, a grill and barbeque pit, and a bear statue to represent Golden Bear pride.