South Dining Hall

Building Code: SO

South dining hall front entrance sign with a flowering tree in the foreground

With five available meal options, South Dining Hall is a great place to grab a meal with friends!

South Dining Hall

South Dining Hall Hours

Front entrance ramp to the South Dining Hall

South Dining Hall

Exterior View of South Dining Hall

You'll forget everything you've ever heard about bad college food when you enter the South Dining Hall. The largest eating and meeting place on campus, South Dining Hall includes five enticing places to grab a meal. Perched upstairs is a full-service, buffet-style cafeteria featuring complete meals and snacks. Standards include sandwiches, salads, tacos, pasta, soups, and vegetarian selections. Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner features offer a sumptuous variety.

Downstairs, in the Golden Bear Food Court, students can choose from four a' la carte restaurants.