Haring Fitness Court Honored with Building Berks Award for Community Innovation and Unity

University representatives with award

KUTZTOWN, Pa. — The Kutztown Community Partnership and Kutztown University were honored for the Keith Haring Fitness Court with the coveted Building Berks Award, presented by the Greater Reading Chamber Alliance. This esteemed accolade celebrates the remarkable synergy of art, health and community unity brought to life through this groundbreaking initiative.

The Keith Haring Fitness Court stands as a symbol of community innovation, a collaborative effort between the Kutztown Community Partnership and Kutztown University. Nestled at the corner of Normal Avenue and South Baldy Street, this unique project has received national acclaim with Kutztown being named as one of only 10 selected sites across the country.

Innovative Community Fusion

At the heart of this award-winning project is an innovative fusion of art, health and inclusivity. The fitness court, featuring the iconic artwork of Keith Haring, has transformed into a canvas that promotes health and wellness while celebrating the diversity and unity of the Kutztown community. Its 32'x35' bodyweight circuit training system, equipped with 30 fitness elements, caters to individuals of all ages and abilities, turning exercise into an inclusive and artistic experience.

Community Impact and Unity

The impact of the Keith Haring Fitness Court resonates deeply within the Kutztown community. This vibrant project has not only revitalized the area, turning it into an iconic destination point, but also served as a hub for educational initiatives, exercise clinics and art exhibitions. Through collaborative efforts with Kutztown University sport management students and faculty, the fitness court has become a focal point for promoting health awareness and unity.

Recognizing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Keith Haring Fitness Court stands as a beacon for diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. By celebrating Keith Haring's artwork and advocating fitness for all, the project embodies a commitment to ensuring equal access to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for every member of the community.

The Building Berks Award is a testament to the transformative power of creativity, health and collaborative community efforts embodied by the Keith Haring Fitness Court. This recognition signifies the project's exceptional contribution to the Kutztown community's well-being, fostering an environment where art, fitness and community spirit thrive together.